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Beckie Neff

Beckie J Neff

Catawba, OH


If you are here and reading this... I am so honored that God and the Angels brought you to browse some of my art! I am only one Artist creating what I was destined to create and share with the world. I believe Art Can Heal The World and Art Can Heal You Too. I am excited to share classrooms and workshops to help you find your own path of healing on my new website:
I feel that creative energy exists inside every person and that tapping into ones creativity can heal your life, your body and your mind! Although for many years my art career was on hold, the tapestry of my life path always brought me to the right place at the right time. So often being there for another person at the right time and place. My life journey has taken me through all sorts of paths and still does.
Every single one of them a lesson, a memory, a creation. I have learned so much... and have so much to share!! I am so happy I finally arrived as an Artist, Teacher and Mentor!!
Thank you so much for loving and supporting my Art! I am looking forward to seeing you in my classroom or on one of my many pages on Facebook! Love B:)
Beckie J. Neff ~ Artist


YOU Are The Light by Beckie Neff


The Spiritual Girl by Beckie Neff


Musical Winds by Beckie Neff


Lioness Warrior by Beckie Neff


Forever Faithful by Beckie Neff


Healing Blue Angel by Beckie Neff


Releasing Joy Into the Sky Boy by Beckie Neff


The Gift by Beckie J Neff


Golden Halo Angel by Beckie Neff


Red Umbrella by Beckie Neff


Wing and a Prayer with Poem by Beckie Neff


Seven Angels by Beckie Neff


Sunbathing Mermaid by Beckie Neff


Love Beach by Beckie Neff


Love Beach II by Beckie Neff


The Power of Healing by Beckie Neff


Releasing by Beckie Neff


Davey Woods by Beckie Neff


Paint Your World by Beckie Neff


Monarch II by Beckie Neff


Mainland by Beckie Neff


Maynard by Beckie Neff


Kelley's Island Beach by Beckie Neff


The Message by Beckie J Neff


Sunflowers For Kim by Beckie J Neff


Umbrella's by Beckie J Neff


Yellow Flowers by Beckie J Neff


The leaf Fairy by Beckie J Neff


The Red Fairy by Beckie J Neff


The Lady in Red by Beckie J Neff


The White Sun by Beckie J Neff


Love By The Moon by Beckie J Neff


The Ballerina by Beckie J Neff


Angel of Light by Beckie J Neff


Dancing Through Difficulties by Beckie J Neff


Winter Willow by Beckie J Neff


The Reflection by Beckie J Neff


Going Owl on a Limb by Beckie J Neff


Love Butterflies by Beckie J Neff


Green Eyed Cat by Beckie J Neff


Curiosity by Beckie J Neff


Buttons Cat by Beckie J Neff


Ocean Wave by Beckie J Neff


Pleasant Township Tree by Beckie J Neff


Moon on the Mountain by Beckie J Neff


Lavender Fields by Beckie J Neff


Mac O Chee Castle Ohio by Beckie J Neff


Love You to the Moon and Back by Beckie J Neff